Scar Revision / Keloid Removal

Scars are tell-tail signs of previous trauma to the skin. Unfortunately, some may be unappealing, especially when located in cosmetically sensitive areas. Scar revision aims to replace, re-orientate, and/or minimize the appearance thereof by means of surgical and/or non-surgical modalities. As one’s history cannot be wholly erased, there is also no procedure that can make a scar disappear completely. However, the unpleasing effects therein may be lessened.

Scar revision may include surgical and non-surgical techniques and helps to make a scar less noticeable. Revision surgery for scars is best performed 6 to 18 months (after the scar matures) after the injury. Treatments can make it less noticeable (surgical scar revision) which is the removal of a scar and re-joining the normal skin thus replacing it with a better looking scar.

During consultation patient concerns are discussed in detail after a full assessment.


Operation: dependent on the site and extent of scarring
Hospital Stay: 0
Driving:  1hr after procedure
Back to Work: No downtime


Discomfort will be experienced immediately and minor swelling.