Breast Cancer Surgery (Removal and Reconstruction)

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in woman worldwide, with every woman having a 14% lifetime risk of being diagnosed. Men are also not excluded, as breast cancer accounts for 1% of all cancers in males.

As a double qualified specialist (General Surgeon and Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon), Dr Ngwenya is skilled with both cancer removal surgery and Breast Reconstructive Surgery.

Breast Cancer surgery has evolved over the years, with various other surgical options other than only the traditional Mastectomy (complete removal of the breast and armpit lymph gland). The aim is that we not only preserve life by removing the cancer, but also improve the quality of life after  breast cancer surgery by restoring the normal breast architecture.

Dr Ngwenya will outline the type of options suitable to the patient and the breast cancer stage.  The reconstructive procedure may be immediate after breast removal cancer surgery or at a later stage (after completion of required treatments).

Contact Dr Ngwenya for a Consultation to discuss your specific requirements, where the procedure, shortcomings and concerns will be discussed after a detailed assessment.


Hospital stay for a Breast Cancer Surgery average over 2 days or less. If you have Reconstruction at the same time, you may be in the hospital a little longer. Detailed pre- and post-operative instructions will be provided to guide you through the journey and to ensure that you are informed and as comfortable as possible.